New system

As VIA Library gets a new system, you must update your pin so that you can continue to borrow from the self-service machines. Select your association with VIA below and read more about how you update your profile.

  • Students and staff

    We have implemented a new library system. To activate your VIA Library account (enabling you to take out loans etc.), you must choose a new 4 digit pin. The pin is used in combination with your CPR number to fulfill loans on the libraries´self-service desks.

    Access “My Account” here, choose “Students and Staff”, and log in with your VIA login (this happens automatically). Click on your name (top right corner) and choose “Account”. Go to “Personal Information”, choose “Change Pin”, and then type your 4 digit pin. You are now able to take out loans.

    If you encounter any issues logging in, please do not hesitate to contact your local library.

  • Loaners not affiliated with VIA

    We have implemented a new library system. Therefore you must create a new password here by logging in by choosing “Log In” then “Other” and “Reset password”. Using the email registered at VIA Library, log in and choose “Personal Information” at your account to create a pin under “Change Pin”. Now you can combine CPR number and pin to take out loans from the library.

    Please do not hesitate to contact your local library if you encounter any issues creating your password.